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PBL World offers participants the chance to:

  • Hear the latest news about PBL, such as the new Gold Standard for Project Based Learning
  • Meet the authors of BIE's new ASCD book, Setting the Standard for Project Based Learning
  • Attend Wednesday afternoon Ignite sessions to share ideas
  • Interact with thought leaders, researchers, and leading PBL tech companies

Advanced Practices Thursday

Deepen your PBL practice by registering for an exciting series of Advanced Practices workshops. We have invited innovative technology partners and organizations from the Deeper Learning Network to share their best practices, tools, resources and strategies.Learn more »

Global Education Friday

We are proud to formalize a focus on global competence and awareness by launching Global Education Day. A round-robin series of sessions will be delivered by 11 of the leading global education organizations. Learn how to enrich your project and practice with global connections.Learn more »

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